Ginger Maple Organic Kombucha

Mild, smooth, soft hint of ginger with a mellow yet lingering maple taste that works so well with our moringa tea base. Our lowest sugar content kombucha.

Ingredients: Raw Kombucha Tea Blend (triple filtered water, *maple syrup, *moringa oleifera leaf, *red rooibos tea, *green rooibos tea, *honey bush tea,*assam tea, *jasmine green tea, *live kombucha cultures from Mother SCOBY), *ginger juice. *Organic.

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Why KombuchaLuv?

Sharing the Luv! Energize and Revive with KombuchaLuv. Our Kombucha is handcrafted in Centralia Washington. Call for tastings and farmers markets and locations we are carried at.

Our brew is produced with our scobie grown in a base of organic superfood teas, then we produce each beverage with the finest organic juices and organic ingredients. We are Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified. Made with 9.5 alkaline water and Moringa Oleifera Tea our kombucha with live probiotics is superior in supporting our body’s optimal health while achieving a unique balance of great flavor.

  • Mango Nectar

    Mango Nectar

    Delectable Mango Nectar, with real mango juice.

  • Cherry


    Sweet with just a bit of tang, Tart Cherry is full of flavor and enjoyment!

  • Ginger Pom

    Ginger Pom

    This kombucha has just the right ginger kick and rounded out by delicious pomegranate

  • Blueberry Luv

    Blueberry Luv

    Smooth and delicious blueberry probiotic goodness with a delicious tea base and a hint of lavender.

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Amazing Tea Base

Our Tea Base:

Every drink is made with the base of Moringa oleifera, Jasmine Tea, Rooibos, and Honeybush. This is what we nurture our Kombucha Scobie in before we make our beverages.

Click to learn more about the wonderful teas we use in brewing our kombucha that are great tasting and have you feeling great.

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