About Us

KombuchaLuv was established in 2019, with a full branding and care to make a great recipe and standard shine and bring a fabulous love of kombucha and great taste to our customers. Our foundational seven flavors have really rocked everyone's taste buds and made it so that even kombucha skeptics are avid drinkers of our wonderful product.

  • Darnell Jones, Production/Distribution & Head Brewer

    Darnell Jones, Production/Distribution & Head Brewer

    Darnell is a voice for herbalism with years of experience in Kombucha and herbal work and is a huge advocate for better health. He has over twenty years of kombucha brewing experience that he developed in Hawaii.

    He takes his love of both things that taste great and the health of Kombucha and combines that with the power of Moringa in the creation of this amazing product.

  • Virginia Rector, CFO

    Virginia Rector, CFO

    Virginia has a passion for health and building a better Kombucha company. KombuchaLuv combines her years of experience in running businesses with a love of a life of making things better for others.

  • Sheena (Sage) Hamilton, Designer

    Sheena (Sage) Hamilton, Designer

    Graphic design for branding, website, media, labels. Promotional and sales collateral planning and creation.

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Our Team Mission:

Continuous Improvement.

We hold a culture of continuous improvement using the management philosophy of Kaizen - Kai-change and Zen-good/improve. It is not just a project to us, it is a way of thinking. The results are small and continuous with improvements in method and behavior. It’s a continuous cycle and keeps us in a growth mindset. By adopting and implementing this philosophy at KombuchaLuv, each member of the team is responsible for the energy and integrity of KombuchaLuv.